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Escalator Step Chain

  • C-13T
  • DZJH
  • 16DZJH2291202
  • 67.7mm
  • 81.3mm
  • 101.6mm

Small size conveyance: Escalator
Step Chain, which is also called Escalator Chain, moves the steps on escalators or drives moving sidewalks

Construction and Features
In escalators, the steps are installed about every 400 mm, however, widths and heights are different. The tensile strength of step chains ranges from 6 to 30 tons. The 9-ton type and 15-ton type are most common.

The chain pitch should be as small as possible to reduce the effects of chordal action, which is caused by the chain/sprocket engagement. Using the smallest size possible allows the chain to operate more smoothly.

Usually rollers on the step side carry the weight of steps and passengers, but in some types the chain rollers carry the weight.
The features of step chain are:
1.Greater wear resistance. The pin diameter is larger than standard chains.
2.Length from step to step and from chain to chain is strictly controlled.
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