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Double Pitch Attachment Chain

Chain No.:
  • A-1 K-1 A-2 K-2 attachment chains
  • DZJH
  • 16DZJH3091239
  • C2062
  • 38.100 mm
  • carton
  • steel

This is the most commonly used conveyor chain and is utilized widely in the auto parts, electric, electronic, and precision machinery industries.

Double Pitch Roller Chain has the same basic construction as Standard Roller Chain, but double pitch means the chain pitch is twice as long, has flat shaped link plates, and longer attachments. This series is regulated by ANSI B29.4, ISO 1275-A, and JIS B 1803.

Among these, four sizes Numbers 2040, 2050, 2060, and 2080-are most commonly used.

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